Large Lladro A Soft Refrain Cermic Sculpture


Beautiful  Lladró "A Soft Refrain" sculpture in amazing condition.

Issued in 1998 & Retired in 2004 

Size: 25¼" x 11"

Numbered 393 of 1000

 It is part of the Gres Collection and was sculpted by Antonio Ramos with decoration by P. Perez. The piece is titled "A Soft Refrain" or "Resposada Melodia." It depicts a Jester strumming a lute and is in a soft matte finish on his hands and face with a light glaze on outfit and lute. He sits on a brown stand. The figure was retired 2004 and was first made in 1998. He measures approximately 25 inches long, 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

The harlequin in this charming Lladró creation is a troubadour with a track record of charming audiences everywhere, from castles to public squares. His languid melodies and concise verses have moved everyone from peasants to princesses. Yes, he sings of an idyllic world of loves lost and conquered, but it's a musical repertory that wins the heart of his beloved Columbine.